Tuesday, 12 November 2019


The good old BBC has been at it again.

Hilary Clinton, an egregious American who is no fan of anyone or anything that might be considered vaguely 'right wing', has been feted by the corporation this morning. Apparently, together with her daughter, she's co-authored a book which the BBC is only too happy to promote. As a bonus to the Beeb, Mrs Clinton has also had something negative to say about Boris Johnson's government.

Harking back to her own claimed experience in the US Presidential election of 2016, Clinton has said that it's "inexplicable and shameful" that the UK government has not yet published a report on alleged Russian interference in British politics. She's added that "Every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens". Those who've interviewed her today have done nothing to challenge her statements, but have accepted them at face value. 

What our general election has to do with this awful woman is a mystery. Given that openness and honesty are sadly lacking in her own country, not to mention her own family - we all recall her husband's "honesty" over the Lewinsky affair for which he was all-but impeached - and that her failure to win the Presidency was more to do with her own failings than with the Russians, her arrogance in pontificating about our government is breathtaking.

Why on earth does the BBC publicise such a harridan ? The answer, of course, is obvious. Clinton is a leftie who doesn't like Boris Johnson and his "right wing" government, but does love the European Union and is a promoter of all things to do with so-called equality and "social justice". Consequently, she fits in well with the BBC's own left wing management, agenda and overall presentation.

Will we be hearing from a right wing author anytime soon ? Would such a person escape unchallenged, as Mrs Clinton has ? Not a chance.

Monday, 4 November 2019


It was not to be.

After the excitement of England's brilliant performance against the All Blacks, they were firm favourites to lift the Rugby World Cup but, for reasons unknown, they simply didn't perform to the same standard in the final. Instead, they were outplayed from start to finish by a South African side that had actually lost to New Zealand in the group stage of the competition.

Nothing went right for England. They lost one of their key players, Kyle Sinckler, to injury in the first couple of minutes and never seemed to get going. The passing and movement that had been such a characteristic of the victory over the All Blacks was completely lacking, with many passes dropping short or going astray altogether, while the Springboks hit peak form exactly when it mattered. England always seemed to be on the back foot and never looked like winning.

This is not to say that they had a bad tournament nor that finishing as runners-up was a failure, but it was a disappointment. They will now start building a new team to challenge for the ultimate prize in 2023 - I can't wait !

Wednesday, 30 October 2019


A handful of mindless idiots, out of a crowd of tens of thousands, made offensive remarks and gestures during a football match. Under any normal circumstances this would be seen as what it was - the stupid action of a tiny group.

But No.

Because this was "racist" activity, it's been at the top of the news and now that the Bulgarian footballing authorities have been given a punishment that is deemed to be too light, it's back in the news as a major item. For goodness sake, what is this lunacy ?

The world has many people and not all of those people are intelligent, reasonable or even vey nice. Some are downright nasty, others are simply too stupid and moronic to be taken seriously, but in a world in which "equality" and "racism" are key buzz words, and some "take offence" at every opportunity, things that used to be shrugged off are now placed centre stage.

Seeing a tiny section of the crowd at  the England - Bulgaria match behaving moronically wasn't the most pleasant spectacle but they appeared to all be expelled from the stadium fairly quickly and with little fuss. The fuss all came from the England bench and players "taking offence", even though one, Tyrone Mings, even indicated later that he was not particularly disturbed by the moronic behaviour. Subsequently the European football authorities have decided that Bulgaria must be punished, although I have to ask "why ?" What could they have done differently in order to prevent the incident ?

Worse, the "anti-racist" brigade are now up in arms claiming that the punishment handed down is inadequate, a joke. What is wrong with these people ?

Being nasty, cruel or rude about others is not new and it won't go away. People are people and will continue to behave with a variety of views and attitudes until they are all turned into some sort of clones, turned out sausage-like from their schools and colleges of indoctrination. Venues such as football stadiums quite simply can't control the behaviour of everyone in their often vast crowds; all they can do is see it and act there and then, as the Bulgarian authorities did.

Additionally, why do we give the morons the oxygen of publicity on which they thrive ? By all means catch them and punish them for any real offences they've committed, but do not publicise their activities on every front page and every television and radio news broadcast; do not spend inordinate time debating the rights and wrongs of their actions or those of the authorities that are claimed to have failed to control them. If their activities were largely ignored by the media, they'd soon become bored and move on to some other puerile nonsense.

That said, aren't there also far more important things for us all to worry about ? Climate change, the continuing extinction of species, the clearance of rain forests; this is what we should worry about, not the moronic behaviour of tiny groups of louts. For God's sake, get real.

Sunday, 27 October 2019


Perhaps I'm just a miserable uncaring old sod, but I'm fed up with all the grotesquely sentimentalised way that our news is presented.

The discovery of a lorry load of dead illegal immigrants has been presented as if the dead were the unwilling, or unknowing, victims of some nasty, money grabbing organisation; in truth, they were simply people attempting to enter our country illegally. Whether they had paid to be smuggled in or were being 'trafficked' for the purposes of so-called modern slavery, they and their families expected to profit from the arrangement.  

That the adventure ended with their deaths is their own fault. If they had genuine and substantial reasons for coming to our country, there are established procedures to follow but they chose not to follow these, suggesting that their reasons were not strong enough. If they were refugees from dangerous or oppressive situations, their first port of call should have been the nearest place of safety or relief, which is never the United Kingdom. The only conclusion to be drawn is that they were knowingly breaking the law by attempting to enter our country illegally.

I have degree of sympathy for the families of those who have died, but no more than I have for the families of the thousands who depart this earth every day. For those who died in the lorry at Purfleet, I have no sympathy whatsoever; they knew what they were doing and knew the risks they were running.

Call me heartless, uncaring, unfeeling, callous or inhuman but it's time that we stopped the insanely over-emotional response to such events and started prioritising what is in the best interests of our own country, it's people and heritage. That means much stronger control of our borders and much harsher treatment for both smugglers and smuggled. 

Let's get on with it.

Saturday, 26 October 2019


Who'd have thought it ?

England's rugby union team went into the current World Cup tournament as one of the top teams but New Zealand were thought by most to be all but unbeatable. Winners of the last 2 tournaments, the all-powerful All Blacks have dominated rugby union for decades and, despite the, very, occasional defeat, have been the "team to beat" for as long as I can remember. Today, they were not only beaten, they were outplayed in a manner I've never previously seen.

A World Cup semi-final is a game that no one wants to lose, least of all a team that hadn't lost a match at the World Cup since 2007. New Zealand came into the game today as favourites and yet it was England who took control from the very start and never let up. They played like a team possessed, never allowing the champions time or space; they dominated their opponents in every aspect of the game, every corner of the field. Quite simply, they were brilliant.

If England can repeat such a performance in next Saturday's final, they will almost certainly be lifting the trophy at its end. Whether they play Wales or South Africa, whose semi-final takes place tomorrow, it will make no difference. The England that turned up today were at a level no England team has previously reached; repeat that performance and they will be unbeatable. The only question is whether they can do it again. 

Around 11 o'clock next Saturday morning, we'll know the answer.

Friday, 18 October 2019


The so-called Extinction Rebellion has continued to disrupt the lives of law abiding citizens by blocking roads and interfering with London's transport systems. They claim that this is all in pursuit of the great cause of preventing climate change from destroying our planet but is it ?

Who are the people behind Extinction Rebellion now, it seems, given a new and somewhat exalted status by the BBC whose reporter yesterday took to referring to them as "E.R.", an appellation previously reserved for the Queen; apparently, it should be "X.R." anyway. It is apparent that those who have been causing turmoil in London are largely the usual crowd of agitators who turn out to protest against anything that they consider to be vaguely 'right wing', 'corporate' or 'capitalist', or in favour of the latest left wing faddish cause célèbre. 

Many politicians have fêted the silly child from Sweden so as to be seen to be, in the latest fashion, "woke", whatever that means. In truth, Greta Thunberg has simply been an unknowing tool in the hands of those who want only to destroy western society and replace it with some supposed socialist utopia of their own design. Climate change, and other threats, may well be real, but the people making the most noise about such things have only this one aim in mind and they'll use anything, any argument, to achieve it.

Peaceful and lawful protest is one thing, but blocking streets, disrupting travel and rendering the lives of those who are simply going about their daily business difficult or impossible, is quite another and should not be tolerated. Our police spend much time on pursuing those who may, or may not, have committed "hate crimes", crimes more in the mind than anywhere else, but seem to be somewhat reluctant to tackle real crimes that affect large numbers of people. Obstruction is a crime and I'm fairly sure that there are laws that cover disrupting transport networks too, and yet the police have largely stood by and watched. Yes a good few protestors have been arrested but how many of these will be charged and how many others should have been arrested ? 

The moral of the story seems to be that those protesting against nasty capitalist or corporate ventures are to be tolerated, while those who want to protect their own culture by opposing the ever increasing influx of immigrants, the promotion of multiculturalism, laws and activities that discriminate against white, Anglo-Saxon men or who simply dislike the left wing bias of the media and others in positions of power, are vilified and even criminalized.

Our society is fragmenting and crumbling and no one seems to care or even notice. God help the coming generations.  


So we have a Brexit deal - again.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised he would get a new deal with the European Union and would get rid of the hated 'Irish Backstop'; he seems to have achieved both ambitions. However, following the assorted shenanigans of the House of Commons, he now has to get this deal approved by Members of Parliament, which seems problematic at best.

Unsurprisingly, the Labour Party has now moved to a 100% 'remain' position and will not support the new deal, pretty much whatever it actually includes, although a few Labour MPs may still support it. The Scottish Nationalists have always opposed Brexit anyway and will also vote against any deal, as will the Liberal un-Democrats. Prime Minister Johnson has previously expelled some 21 of his own MPs from the Conservative Party following their opposition in previous votes and there are an assortment of others who have left one party or another during the last year or so. As something of a body-blow to the government, the Democratic Unionists of Northern Ireland have also said that they will not support the deal, having previously indicated that they would support a deal.

Parliament will sit on Saturday, a very rare occurrence, and Prime Minister Johnson will be hoping that he can persuade enough of his fellow parliamentarians to vote with him although his chances of success appear to be slim. If Parliament votes against the deal, the Prime Minister will have to obey the law passed a couple of weeks ago and ask the EU for more time although he's repeatedly said that the UK will leave the European Union on 31st October come what may. 

What is going to happen ? European Union representatives have been clear that they want this deal to be approved but less than clear about what they would do if it is not. While they may allow a further extension beyond the end of October, that is far from certain and any further delay would almost certainly be dependent on the UK holding a second referendum or a general election as soon as possible, neither of which is likely to provide any real resolution to the deep rooted problems of the UK's democratic process.

No one wants to see this issue drag on any longer, but the opposing factions seem to be utterly intransigent. The loss of its parliamentary majority has rendered the UK government impotent in the face of the vested interests of opposition parties. Labour want power but are terrified of a general election while Jeremy Corbyn is their leader; they are also terrified that  Boris Johnson would be unbeatable anyway if he finally gets a deal approved by parliament, and so they oppose everything while proposing nothing. The Scottish Nationalists link everything to another referendum on their own pet project, independence for Scotland, and the Liberal un-Democrats can see a chance of getting a share of power by being seen as the "Party of Remain". The Democratic Unionists see everything through the prism of their own insular and sectarian interests and will not vote for anything which they think will weaken their current hold over Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Johnson has a problem, in fact he has several. Will he achieve a feat that would even have challenged the great Harry Houdini ? Come Saturday afternoon, we'll know, one way or the other.