Sunday, 26 September 2021


Labour Party Deputy Leader Angela Rayner refers to the Conservatives as "scum", "racist", "homophobic" and "misogynistic". Fine language indeed for anyone who holds high office and aims for still higher.

To me, this language simply confirms my previous view of Ms Rayner. She is a typical northern fishwife, harpy and harridan who has no place on the stage of a major political party; she is far more suited to a soap box on a street corner.

However bad the government has been in recent weeks and months, voting for a party that holds the likes of Ms Rayner in high regard is impossible. Her attitude and views are entirely class based - she despises those whom she considers 'middle class' and hates with a vengeance the 'upper class'. Anyone of 'working class' who may have voted for the Conservatives in the past is a 'class traitor'. 

Astonishingly, this woman also talks about uniting people; how hypocritical can she be ?

God help the country if she was ever to gain any real power.

Sunday, 12 September 2021


A few short weeks ago a teenaged schoolgirl recently sitting her 'A'-Levels and previously unknown except to her close family and a few in the tennis world, caused some ripples in the early rounds of the Wimbledon Championships. This girl had promise and, as she was British and really successful British players have been few and far between, she made news until an unfortunate exit from the Championships with breathing difficulties. "Did she have the bottle", asked some ? "Was she just a flash in the pan", asked others ?

Yesterday, this former schoolgirl proved that she both had 'the bottle' and was no 'flash in the pan'. Emma Raducanu, who had been ranked outside of the world's top 350 only 3 months ago, achieved what had never been done before. This young woman, no longer to be seen as a teenaged schoolgirl, came through 3 rounds of qualifying plus the 7 rounds of the main tournament without losing a set and rarely losing her serve, and lifted the trophy signifying that she had won the United States Women's Singles' Tennis Championship. In only her 4th event on the Women's main tour, and 2nd Grand Slam event, she achieved what had been considered impossible.

Never before had a player, man or woman, who had come through the qualification rounds of a Grand Slam tournament even reached the final of such an event, let alone won it without conceding a single set upon the way. Never before had such an inexperienced player won a major championship. Emma Raducanu's achievement is mind-boggling. Now set to be ranked as the 23rd best player in the world, she will be seeded and amongst the favourites for whichever events she enters in the next few months at least. Qualifying for events is a thing of the past.

When it comes to Grand Slams, if she maintains her form and position, she will surely be among the favourites to win the Australian title next January, if the tournament goes ahead. At the French championship it may be that the game of yesterday's opponent, and another brilliantly talented teenager, Leylah Fernandez, could prove to be better suited to the Paris clay, but her performance at this year's Wimbledon suggests that grass suits her.

For the first time in 44 years, a British woman won a Grand Slam tournament, the last such triumph being that of Virginia Wade at Wimbledon in 1977, the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. There can be no doubt that an 18 year old Raducanu can only improve and that further Grand Slam victories may well be within her grasp but, perhaps, to win Wimbledon in 2022, the year of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee would be a most wonderful way to celebrate both the life long dedication of Her Majesty and the amazing promise of the next generation, and the next, and the next ........ .

Win or lose, this young woman is astonishing. Her calm maturity on court in front of a vast crowd, mostly supporting her opponent added to her equally calm manner before the stern eye and ear of the media mark her out as a woman of extraordinary abilities. After yesterday a millionaire and a global sensation; in the future and if she can continue in the same vein, the world is truly her oyster. 

If anyone needed a role model, male or female, they need look no further.

Thursday, 15 July 2021


Drip, drip, drip.

There was a time when people were allowed to take responsibility for their own lives, to make decisions about their children and what they ate, who they liked and what they said. No longer it seems.

We've already been subjected to ludicrous laws around the various 'hate crimes', laws which effectively require police, judges and juries to decide the motivations of offenders by inferring their thought processes. A variety of words which were commonplace in my youth, words that may have been intended as offensive but were frequently used without malice, have now been effectively banned and anyone using them may well find themselves with police knocking on the door. Our children are no longer educated in traditional subjects or ways but are indoctrinated with a mish-mash of left wing ideologies, while parents are powerless to intervene. 

Increasingly, responsibility for children and their welfare has moved from parents to the State with ever greater state provision for nursery care and 'free' school meals while a myriad of rules and regulations now control what children can and can't do as well as who can be trusted to be with them.

Today, the latest piece of potential state sponsored nonsense has hit the headlines in the shape of a National Food Strategy. Ostensibly intended to tackle inherent poor diets and obesity, the strategy proposes that government should impose taxes on whatever foodstuffs are considered to be unhealthy, while our GP's should offer prescriptions for fruit and vegetables to those in need. That the strategy, produced by Henry Dimbleby, a grandson of the less than svelte Richard, is a step, actually several miles, too far seems to have been the reaction of many, not least Prime Minister Boris Johnson who has reportedly said that he does not find the idea of taxes on food 'attractive'.

To my mind, taxes should never be attractive, Taxes should only ever be essential and should never be used to impose particular behaviours on the populace. It is morally wrong to try to promote any particular action by way of financial rewards or disincentives and it is a grotesque misuse of government authority so to do, at least in a democracy.

By all means, government should encourage people to adopt safe and healthy lifestyles but they should only ever do so by way of education and information. Any other approach smacks of the methods of the Chinese Communist Party and George Orwell's 'Big Brother' society.

We all have free choice in how we live our lives and if we choose to make wrong choices, so be it. It is not for governments to promote, or even enforce, whatever happens to be the latest faddish nonsense. Today's fad too often turns out to be tomorrow's catastrophe and governments should get on with running the country, not telling us all how to live our lives. Or do we all want to live in the ultimate 'Nanny State' ?

Sunday, 27 June 2021


So Matt Hancock has gone, and rightly so. Now every opposition voice, including that of the equally discredited Dominic Cummings, is complaining that he shouldn't have been allowed to resign but should have been sacked and Boris Johnson is being accused of being weak.

None of this should really be any surprise. The Labour Party, effectively leaderless and with no identifiable policies other than of opposing the nasty Tories, uses every opportunity to throw mud at the Prime Minister while the Liberals and Scottish Nationalists make every effort to twist any negative story in a direction that supports their own agenda.

Hancock may have been a fool and may have been incompetent; he may even have been bordering on corrupt but the only firm evidence against him were the pictures leaked to the Sun newspaper. Yes, he has been embroiled in a variety of apparently dodgy dealings but who in the political sphere hasn't ? On the positive side, as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care he has presided over the most extraordinary period in our nation's history and has overseen an astonishingly successful vaccination programme. He certainly had to go but let's not forget that his legacy isn't entirely a bad one.

Replacing Hancock is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, as well as previous occupant of numerous other senior government jobs, Sajid Javid. His appointment has been welcomed by his fellow MPs although Cummings, who it seems was instrumental in getting him sacked from No 11, has posted a vitriolic diatribe against him. It seems that once this self-proclaimed genius has got his knives out, he carries on sticking them in whenever he can. He seems oblivious to the simple fact that such behaviour reduces his credibility to vanishing point.

And so we go on. COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise although hospitalisations and deaths remain low. July 19th is only 3 weeks away and Sajid Javid has the chance to be a hero by releasing us all from what has seemed like interminable misery. Let's hope he takes it.

Saturday, 26 June 2021


There have been many criticisms of the performance of Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care over the last year or so and yet he has held on to his job throughout. Now things may be changing.

Hancock has now been caught on film having a rather intimate 'clinch' with one of his aides, a woman whom he has known for many years and whom he seems to have employed within his department last year. While the simple matter of him possibly having an affaire (he is married with 3 children) may not be considered a critical offence in these supposedly enlightened days, the ramifications are significant.

Firstly, he has spent much of the last 18 months telling us all that we "must" follow the rules relating to COVID-19 restrictions, including those around social distancing; he clearly believed that these rules did not apply to himself.

Secondly, how can the people of this country believe whatever he tells us when he is obviously very ready to lie to and deceive his wife of 15 years in this way ? A man who will happily deceive his closest family would surely find it a far less difficult matter to deceive people with whom he has no close relationship. To put it mildly, his credibility is shot to pieces.

Thirdly, it seems that the woman involved has a brother who is a senior figure in a company which has been awarded major NHS in recent times, while questions have been raised about the process which saw her appointed to her non-executive role in Mr Hancock's Department. There have been other questions raised about similar issues over the last year, Hancock and his sister owning some 40% of another company that was awarded NHS contracts though Hancock did not fully declare this family connection. 

Fourthly, how on earth was he caught on film, apparently in his private departmental office ? Are ministers now routinely subject to CCTV monitoring ? If so, why and by whom ? If not, then how was the incriminating film obtained ? The implications for the security of government buildings is massive.

I have no idea whether Matt Hancock has been a good, bad or indifferent Secretary of State but this littany of failings, added to the comments of Dominic Cummings and elleged remarks of Boris Johnson, should surely be enough to see him booted out of office. However, for the moment at least, Boris is standing by his man though for how long remains to be seen. As the pressure mounts and public opinion swings against him, Hancock's tenure must be approaching its end.

Whether it's a couple of days, a few weeks or a couple of months, he's a dead man walking.

Sunday, 20 June 2021


It comes as no surprise that John Bercow, previously a member of the Conservative Party, has decided to formalise his true allegiance and join the Labour Party. No 'half-way' house with a move to the Liberal Democrats for him, but a full 'about face'.

Throughout his time as Speaker of the House of Commons, Bercow supported all manner of anti-Conservative movements, most notably over the vexed issue of Brexit. His clear oppositon to his notional party was obvious and his dislike of Prime Minister Boris Johnson almost palpable. No doubt for Bercow, the final straw was Johnson's refusal to put his name forward for the usual ennobling given to retired Speakers and now he has issued a vitriolic statement associated with his change of Party.

Of course, he is married to an active socialist and Labour supporter and is an ardent opponent of Brexit. That he is also a little man, in every sense of the word, who appears to have the sort of complex common to other little men, Napoleon being one example, which results in them being overly keen to emphasise their self-importance. Seeing Bercow march through the House of Commons on his way to the Chamber, this little puffed up man surrounded by his entourage, was almost laughable and encouraged the us of the song "Big John" by some television cbhannels.

Bercow's appearances in the House frequently saw him attempting to take centre stage with pompous pronouncements and unnecessary interventions. After his retirement, he made capital out of his previous behaviour by appearances in the media, something undertaken by no other Speaker and which has undoubtedly demeaned one of the highest offices in the land. It seems that Bercow was, and still is, more interested in his own self-aggrandissement than in upholding the honour of the position he once held. Indeed, it may be that he has hopes that by joining the Labour opposition, he may finally gain the one thing that he craves, a Life Peerage, for it must be certain that the Conservatives will never offer him one. 

Will Keir Starmer or a future Labour leader oblige ? Maybe, maybe not, but Bercow will surely have his fingers crossed. 

Thursday, 17 June 2021


The reaction of the liberal and left wing media to the first few days of the "GB News" television channel has been an amazing indicator of how terrified they are of the advent of a new outlet that prefers discussion to indoctrination, thought to knee-jerk and an approach which avoids the appalling wokeness of so many newspapers, websites and other channels. The bile pouring from the pages of 'The Mirror', The Guardian', the laughably named 'Independent' and even 'The Times' is astounding. Added to this, it seems that there's been a concerted effort by some broadcasters, including the ultra-woke BBC, to interfere with the normal arrangements for sharing of news between channels while a number of companies have either suspended or withdrawn their adverts from the new channel (HOORAH !!)

Incredibly, "GB News" actually seems to be ticking many of the boxes that the hordes of Islington wokies must surely feel are essential - an array of female presenters and commentators, often outnumbering their male colleagues; several coloured women, a gay or two. Reports are regularly presented from all parts of the country, not just the few miles around Westminster, and issues are discussed rather than simply being reported as undeniable facts. 

Presumably what the Woke don't like is that subjects such as the various aspects of racism are being treated as rather more than one-dimensional statements of fact. The highly political actions of the National Trust have been questioned and, today, there has been discussion about yet another piece of nonsense, put out by English Heritage, regarding the supposed racist and xenophobic nature of the works of Enid Blyton. Sadly for the woke brigade, rather than being horrified at these revelations about the much loved children's author, presenters, including two coloured women, expressed their childhood delight at the books and one even told of her favourite doll being a 'Golly'. The simple fact, as indicated by several of those on screen, is that trying to apply the transitory morality of today to the transitory actions of yesterday is ridiculous nonsense.

By all means draw attention to the failings of society in bygone days but do not tar those who lived in those times with a brush dipped in today's paint pot. Pulling down statues and banning writers, speakers or television programmes is censorship, regardless of the supposed reasons. History is history; what was done yesterday was done, don't hide it and don't try to view it through some wokeish lens of today. Simply be open about it and admit that it might not gel with today's morality - end of.

"GB News" is a new channel and has had its teething troubles, but why should it be lambasted for being what it is ? With Andrew Neil, it has probably the best political broadcaster of his day, and he's assembled a bright and lively band of helpers to support him. Even within the first week, we've seen the first question at a Prime Ministerial press conference handed to the "GB News" reporter; an interview with former Chancellor Sajid Javed and another with his successor, Rishi Sunak. Michael Portillo has made a welcome return to the politcial debate and the now reviled-by-the-left Laurence Fox has shared his thoughts with viewers. Of course, some will say that these are all right wing figures and there's a lack of balance, but perhaps left wingers are frightened by the prospect of being subjected to propoerly critical interviews rather than the soft-left approaches of the BBC and others. That said, one of the presenters is former Labour MP, Gloria De Piero, and one can only wonder how long it will be before current left wing politicos find themselves unable to resist the opportunity to appear on our screens.

None of this is to say that "GB News" is yet the answer to anyone's prayers but it's started pretty well. Over the coming months there will undoubtedly be changes to formats, sets, even presenters and programming, but so far, so good. 10 out of 10 for effort, 8 out of 10 for delivery, looking to make that a 9 before very long.